Welcome to Our World of Tech (and Humor)

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Welcome to our world of software, paper boats, and cats in boxes!

Hello there!

Carrybo started off with a vision to build products that were seamless for their end-users in the transportation industry. So, a bunch of us came together to build an e-marketplace and eventually develop an enterprise software that could be trusted by both people and organizations.

A company made of people with overlapping skills and interests, we strongly believe in having a good time in doing what we love! This is why over the upcoming months our blog will be an exact reflection of that and you’ll find all kinds of content here.

Keep checking back here for some experimental posts, the occasional feature updates, how to’s and whys, and even the funny stories! And, in the meantime, if you find it interesting, you can definitely follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and or, regularly visit the website and click on everything while you are at it!

In conclusion,

We believe in bringing good ideas to life

We believe in keeping it simple, and,

We believe in the power of you, our users.

Thank you for supporting us till now which you have implicitly guaranteed by reading so far! Got questions or comments? You can tweet at (handle) or message or even flood our inboxes, we absolutely wouldn’t mind!

Till then, Cheers!

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Aditi Biswas

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Aditi Biswas
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