10 hacks when moving houses

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Moving inLet’s face it – unless you are a minimalistic person, moving houses can prove to be one of the most difficult tasks ever undertaken. Packing can be so overwhelming that the whole ‘new-house-charm’ would instantly vanish the moment when you have to shove things inside a box. We completely understand this, which is why, here are some 10 moving hacks that you can follow to get done faster:

1. Pack an overnight bag

Packing things

Chances are that on the day of your moving, you are too tired to unpack. You will need certain things within easy reach including change of clothes, laptops, mobile chargers, and your toiletries.

2. Organize early – create a countdown list and itemize everything

Organizing and packing boxes

Chances are that you have had 30 to 60 days to plan and ensure that everything is packed properly. Avoid waiting until the last day to ensure things run smoothly.

3. Figure out a move strategy

Planning a move.

To move from place A to B, you might need the help of packers and movers. If you have too many things or even too far to move, you might need to get moving companies. Keep your moving companies in loop, inform them about your concerns and set all your expectations straight. Only when the mover is aware of all things, can they give you the right estimate of the total time and cost involved. To get free quotes on your shipping requirements, register here.

4. Pack your breakables in clothing to save bubble wrap

Packing in bubble wrap

The best thing about packing – bubble wrap. But you can save some money by using your clothing instead. For extra padding, pack your glasses and stemware with socks.

5. Purge as you pack and purge as you go

Throw away unwanted things

It’s never too late to throw away the things that you don’t need in your new house. Throw, give, sell – take the effort to pare down your possessions so that moving is little easier and your house is not as cluttered.

6. Label carefully

Label every box

Besides labeling what’s inside your box, also mark which rooms it will go into. When you have moved in, unpack room-wise, which will be faster and more organized.

7. Clean while you pack

Clean while you pack

The last thing that you would want is to enter your beautiful home and clean while your things get shipped. Cleaning as you go will surely make your future self happier as your moving day nears.

8. Find a pet sitter

Pet sitter

If you have a pet that can be traumatized by the move, arrange them to stay somewhere while you pack. Also, ensure to arrange a safe pet transport services to your new home.

9. Be friendly to your neighbors


Inform your new neighbors about the day you will be moving in, the vehicles that might show up on the driveway. If moving on a weekday, make sure the vehicles are parked nicely and do not block anyone’s exit.

10. Treat

Be a good host

Give your movers, friends and basically anyone who helped you to move at least a beer at the end of it all. Friends, more so, because you will not be paying them.

Hope these hacks help you through your moving day. Alternatively, you can sign up here to get some free quotes on your moving needs!

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